The Kind of Musicians Thomasi is Looking for  (simplified) 
  • Play sessions:  at home, in the park, on private parties
  • Practice to sing harmony vocals
  • Compare notes, get new ideas, get known to additional songs
  • Private conversation while drinking beer and wine
  • Be member of an official band
  • Play for money
  • Adapt musical style to what the croud wants to hear
  • Play very loud

In other words: If you can stand Thomasi's Musical Style and if you like to play music without making money with it, I would appreciate to be contacted by you: Just send a  comment oder e-mail.  It doesn't matter, if you are Swabian, Non-Swabian, thick, thin, old, young, male, female, big, small, stupid or clever or in which continent you live in. However, Paderborn would be helpful to play sessions together.