Thomasi singing his songs
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singing "Dahoim" at the boarder of  Texas --> MP3-Demo singing "Dein Zug" in San Franzisco  --> MP3-Demo singing "Dumm g'loffn" in front of  Halfdome
singing "Herbie fährt" on Ponderosa Ranch singing "I bin a Gmiatlicher Ma" on the Highway  --> MP3-Demo singing "I komm heut nacht nimme heum" in Yosemite
singing "Schwobaländle" above the clouds  --> MP3-Demo singing "Mir singat weiter" at Grand Canyon  --> MP3-Demo singing "Ich wär so gern ihr Saxophon" below Sequoias
singing "Schaukelstuhl" in Luckenbach, Texas singing "Weißbier Spezial" in Monument Valley singing "Zu schlecht für'n Himmel" near the Grand Tetons
Thomasi singing "Im Zelt" together with his favourate band from Göppingen/Germany. The band is called: "Achim, Rainer, Stefan, Volker & Wolfgang".