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If you like Country Music from Nashville/Tennessee, you've got a German friend. A lot of  informations here are gathered from Bob Kingsley's American Country Countdown (ACC) and from the Online-Library of Country Stars.
You also can find some lyrics of Country Songs here (category stars). Thousands of lyrics and chords are available free in the Cowpie-Song-Archive. If you like to buy songbooks with notes, you might visit SheetMusicPlus.
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We are No.362 in the "Official Country Music Webring" here. The German Version of this Website is No.104 in the  "German Country & Western Webring".
This is a private website with no business interest. It is my personal tribute to the American Country Music that has been my companion for many years, and still is.
I also provide a Country-Chat-Room on this site. There you may make an appointment with other country fans in certain hours and chat about country music.

Let me also tell you about my Website "Swabian Songs from Paderborn/Germany" where you can find own Swabian lyrics as well as guitar-pictures from the USA.

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