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Letterhausstr. 20

33106 Paderborn

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born May 1963
in Göppingen, married

Thomas Reil am Arbeitsplatz bei Benteler

Project management, planning, organizing,
quality assurance within large projects, preferably in the area of software development.
since 08/98 Benteler Steel/Tube GmbH 33104 Paderborn, Germany

IT-Coordinator  SAP  (R/3, ECC 6.0)
  • Participation in Development of SAP-Module PP
  • Participation in Implementation of SAP-Modules SD, MM, CO, FI
  •  Coordination of communication between Central  IT, Logistics and Accounting
  • Creation of IT-concepts, conflict resolution, moderation
  •  Participation in implementation of SAP
         for the Benteler Steel/Tube locations in USA and Canada

  • From 2003 to 2007 
  • Data privacy coordinator for Benteler Steel/Tube
  • IT Coordinatior for IT-Security

  • Since 2007
  • IT-Coordinator for Accounting  (FI/CO)
  • IT-Coordinator for SAP authorizations, data quality and data interfaces

  • It is an exciting challenge, the team-spirit is motivating, a change in position is not planned.
  • Interim Reference
  • Reference Benteler



  • Reference IT-Coordinator
    03/93-03/98 Alcatel SEL 70499 Stuttgart, Germany
    Planning Engineer
  • Creation and tracking of project and budget plans
  • Coordination of the implementation of an integrated planning system
  • Trainer for project and department planners
  • Development of Visual Basic applications
  • Participation in ISO 9000 certification

  • Reference Alcatel

  • 1984-1992 IBM  Research & Development 71032 Böblingen, Germany

    Student employee, in the area of software quality assurance  (12 times in semester breaks)
  • Testing/Verification of software including documentation
  • Development of new testing methods
  • Degree dissertation:  „Root Cause Analysis in Software Development

  • Reference IBM

  • 10/87-12/88 CAD-UL GmbH 89077 Ulm/Donau, Germany

    Freelancer, Work Area Software-Documentation
  • Framing and designing the German documentation of the
         circuit board layout system „Ariadne“ (CAD-Software)
  • English translation of the German documentation


    1987-1992  Montana Highway 89250 Senden, Germany

    Internal organization of the country band “Montana Highway“ 
  • Arrangment of songs, conflict resolutions, strategy
  • Financing about half of the costs of tuition with band appearances


    08/86-05/87  Syracuse University New York, USA

    Trainer of Undergraduate Students  (subject: statistics)
  • Deepening the topics taught by the Professor with tutorials for about
        80 undergraduates with different nationalities (langage: English)
  • Self-initiated concept and training methods


    1982  Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium 73033 Göppingen, Germany

    Participation in Competition „Jugend Forscht“  („young researchers“)
  • Qualification for the state competition „Jugend Forscht“ with the issue
         „Well Structured Software Program for Solving a Rubik’s Cube“
  •  Evaluation by experts of  IBM and Mercedes-Benz


    Study of economical mathematics, focus on computer science,
    at the Univerity of Ulm  (Diploma)
    Graduate student in mathematics  (University of Syracuse, New York)
    Military service   (2./FMABT 61 in Klosterlechfeld)
    Basic & secondary school in Göppingen  (Abitur)
  • Swabian singer/songwriter, recording studio  (folk, lounge, guitar, keyboard)
  • Homepage creation, digital photography, internet
  • Bicycle tours, kayak tours, ballroom dancing, philosophy

  • Other
  • Foreign languages:  English
  •  Coding Languages: C, Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript,   read only: SAP ABAP
  • Extensive experience with MS Office Professional and MS Project
  • Quitting job at Alcatel SEL because of family reunion, therefore without a job 04/98-07/98.
  •  During 04/98-07/98 selftraining of:
         Visual Basic for MS Excel and MS Access, HTML, Javascript.

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